Police withhold DNA test results from a Ugandan pastor who was accused of raping a woman at age 15

The results of the DNA test of the Ugandan pastor Agustín Yiga, to establish whether he is the father of a child that was conceived by a woman who accuses him of rape, have been made known.

Earlier this year, a woman accused Pastor Yiga of Revival Church in the Kawaala municipality of having sexually assaulted and impregnated her in his church in 2014 and abandoned them, an accusation that he vehemently denied.

The deputy spokesman of the Metropolitan Police of Kampala, Mr. Luke Owoyesigyire, confirmed that the results of the DNA samples of Pastor Yiga and the child were returned, but he could not reveal details for legal reasons.

“The DNA results and the criminal record were presented to the Resident State Prosecutor for review and guidance,” Owoyesigyire told the Daily Monitor.

The woman claimed that she was 15 years old at the time she was allegedly assaulted by the pastor. She said that she had gone to Pastor Yiga’s church to pray to help her get a job abroad.

She did not report the sexual assault case until February of this year, which made it difficult for police investigators to obtain medical evidence. This led to the arrest and detention of Pastor Yiga for more than three days at the Kawempe police station.

However, the detectives decided to take samples of the child’s DNA and compare them with that of Pastor Yiga and the alleged victim.

Mr. Owoyesigyire was unable to disclose details of having filed the file in order to prefer the charges against Pastor Yiga, nor of the offence.

“We will follow what the DPP advises us to do,” but detectives often send files to the Resident State Attorney when they have obtained enough information about the suspect. he said

Pastor Yiga has often insisted that his problems are designed by his fellow Pentecostal pastors to tarnish his name and lead to the collapse of his church.

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