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Hello everyone, welcome to donmanuelsblog. Here I’m gonna talk more on PayPal business account. What it is, all what is all about and how you can set up a business PayPal account.

Follow my step to step guide here to learn how to set up a standard PayPal business account that can send and receive money from all trans.

But before I start, I’d like to talk on the all-time asked question from the comment section of donmanuelsblog “what is business PayPal account and what is all about.”


WHAT IS PAYPAL? PayPal’s business account is an online payment service that allows individuals and businesses to transfer funds electronically. Here are some of the things you could use PayPal Business account for.

1.)Card Exchange with someone

2.)Purchase and sell goods and services online

3.)Make or receive donations across a Wide range

4.) Send or receive payment for online auctions e.g., “eBay”Amazon” and all website that uses PayPal as a gateway.

You can send funds to anyone with an e-mail address, whether your recipient has a PayPal account or not. To receive money, however, the recipient must have a PayPal account linked to that e-mail address.

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All basic PayPal accounts are free, and all purchases made in the U.S with the service are also free according to [Source: PayPal]. The company charges for sending money from vendors, international transactions, and credit or debit cards.

If you have a PayPal business account, you can add and withdraw funds in different ways. You can add your account to a more direct transaction than bank accounts or credit cards, which includes adding and removing money.

Other withdrawal options include making use of a PayPal debit card to make a purchase or to receive cash from ATMs or to request a check in the mail.

Like I said earlier in this article, I will tell you how to use PayPal business account, find out how the transaction is done, and learn about the company’s history. Let’s start by how to sign up for your own PayPal business account.

NOTE: Signing up for PayPal is quick, and for this, you do not even need to enter any bank account information.

However, if you want to use many features of PayPal, you have to add and verify the checking account or credit card. To get started, click on the “Sign Up” link at the top of the site’s home page.

Paypal business account

In the next window, you will choose whether you want a personal, business, or major account. If you plan to use PayPal for eBay auction or other purchase, then a personal account is the right choice.

Or you intend to use PayPal to accept and make payments for a business, then a PayPal business account would be more suitable. If you choose a personal account, you can upgrade in the future.

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Paypal business account

Now that you are done with the first option i.e., choosing the plan you intend of. Follow the onscreen instructions as PayPal will ask you for some necessary personal information, i.e., your legal first and last name, your address, mobile number, and e-mail address.

You also need to check the box to indicate that you agree to PayPal’s User Agreement, Privacy Policy, Acceptable Use Policy, and Electronic Communications Policy.

After clicking to create your account, you will receive an e-mail with instructions for verifying your account and confirming your address.

From here, you should know what PayPal business account means for this verification and confirmation process. By protecting your information by PayPal, both buyers and sellers know that there is less chance of being scandalous and free from scammers


  • A PayPal business account is verified if you have associated that account with a current bank account or credit card. This is more than simply entering account information. PayPal will ask you to follow some certain steps to complete the verification process. For a current account, for example, PayPal will make two micropayments to that account, usually about five cents each. Then, you must enter the amounts of these micropayments as verification.
  • A PayPal business account is confirmed if you have completed one of the three options to tell PayPal that your account address is valid. The quickest of these is to verify a bank account or credit card that matches the address you entered as the address of the PayPal account. As an alternative, you can request a confirmation code by mail after having had the account for 90 days or more, or you can request a PayPal MasterCard that confirms your address by performing a credit check.
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