Man Faces 12Years in Jail For Raping a Pregnant Woman

LETUKA Mojake (49) will have 12 years in a correctional facility to consider his wrongdoing.

Mojake, from Moemaneng in Marquard, Free State was condemned to 12 years in prison subsequent to being discovered blameworthy of assault, housebreaking and burglary by the Thaba Nchu Court on Tuesday.

Free State NPA representative Phaladi Shuping said judge Magda Jacobs condemned Mojake for offenses he submitted on 10 June 2012.

As indicated by the proof, Mojake broke into the place of a lady who was a half year pregnant at the time and assaulted(Raped) her.

He likewise denied her of a hair trimmer, two hair scissors, a DVD player, TV, watch, her tote and hair items.

The all out estimation of the stolen things was about R20 000.

In court, the blamed denied being liable for the wrongdoing, even after he was distinguished by the complainant and the DNA results returned positive, connecting him to the assault.

Investigator Tshidi Sebolai displayed an announcement from the injured individual in which she said the episode had damaged her and influenced her monetarily.

Amid condemning , Jacobs said the court must send the message that these sorts of offenses won’t go on without serious consequences.

She condemned Mojake to 10 years for assault and five years for housebreaking.

Three of the years for housebreaking will keep running in the meantime as the 10-year sentence for assault (Rape), making Mojake’s sentence 12 years in prison.


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