How to submit sitemap to Google Search Console

Hello Everyone. In today article we gonna be looking at how to submit our site to search engine for better indexing.

Knowing fully that google is the most visited search engine thus far. So if you haven’t submitted your site URL to google search console, I guess you are probably missing out some google organic traffic on your site.

Here in this article are the basic steps to guide you generate and submit your sitemap to google search console.

So you have developed an amazing site, you’ve worked all day writing some great contents and waiting for your contents to start showing up in Google?

Okay, Maybe it takes little more than just hitting the publish button. For you to get your site listed in google search, Googlebot needs to craw and index your content which normally takes some days or weeks to be crawled.

But if you are a site owner you can manually submit your site to google for faster crawling.

Want to know if your site is listed on google? Just follow the procedures below

  • Begin your search with “”, for example here is what is shown in Google for

If none of your content is indexed, Google will let you know that your search did not match any result. If no content is found in your search do not worry about it. The next thing to do is to get a sitemap for your site and submit to google for indexing.

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How to generate a sitemap for your Blogspot site

We can’t just generate a sitemap without understanding the term “sitemap”. According to Wikipedia and the benefit of having our sitemap submitted on Google Search Console.

5 Top Reasons Why You Should Submit your Sitemap to Google Search Console

Wouldn’t like to bore you surfing through this article and finding it not helpful, let me quickly give you top reasons why you should submit your sitemap to google webmaster or better still “Search Console”.

  1. Get your site Discovered: I believe the main reason why you invest so much on your site, writing new and unique content is for it to get to a large audience?. Now Google been the most used web browser round the world makes it easier and cost-free to get to a high number of people who actually typed in your targetted keyword in Google search bar.
  2. It saves you more time: Imagin having a new product in your store and want it delivered to your audience when still fresh. You don’t have to wait when Google Spider crawls on your website. You greatly cut on this time.
  3. IT IS COST FREE: Submitting your sitemap to google is absolutely free and doesn’t cost you any money.
  4. Makes You Learn more of your Traffics /Visitors: Submitting your sitemap gives you great access to monitoring your traffic sources, Notifications which normally displays letting you know of a certain Error and how to fix it and even Keyword Searches.
  5. Finally Helps to monitor site Hack Attempt and Malware Dictation


  • Type in your site URL/Name and click on more option screened at your right upper side, you will get a drop down named pages “change frequency” attribute and choose Always then click start.
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Now you have successfully created your XML Site-map, download and save. Now is time to submit your generated site-map to Google Search Console

  • First thing you need to do is log in to Google Search Console using your Gmail account and go to Search property and click on add property.

  • Enter your site URL and follow the onscreen instructions to verify your Domain. Once you are done with the verification. (assuming you have verified your account) Below is what you will see and click on sitemaps to add your generated sitemap.

  • Now on top of the right, you will find an option “ADD A SITEMAP” and enter “sitemap.xml” then click save and guess what? You are done adding your sitemap to Google Search Console.

It might take up to 24hours for Google to index all your pages. So sit and relax, and if is not indexed stay up a month and resubmit.

How to generate a sitemap for your WordPress site

Having an XML sitemap is significant when It comes to SEO as Google can retrieve essential pages of your site very fast, even though the internal linking of your site isn’t flawless.

To submit your WordPress site to Google Search Console, Below are the instructions and procedures to be taken.

  • Firstly, Install and activate Yoast SEO plugin. By default, Yoast SEO does not enable XML functionality i.e you need to turn it “on”.

To enable, Navigate to SEO > General and select the features tab.

Click “On” in XML sitemap to enable

Click on “Save Changes”

Now to view your sitemap

Navigate to SEO>Features, click on the question mark on the XML sitemap feature and click see the sitemap and copy to your clipboard.

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Now you have generated your XML sitemap. The next step is to submit to Google search Console for indexing.

How to Submit your Generated WordPress sitemap to Google

To submit your sitemap to Google Search Console kindly follow the onscreen instructions below.

  • Login to your Search Console dashboard (believe you’ve got one)
  • Navigate to “search property” screened at the top left side of your search console.
  • Click on Sitemap and paste your generated XML sitemap on the provided space and hit “SUBMIT” and your sitemap is successfully submitted for indexing.
  • Wait for about 24 hours for Google Bot to crawl and find your submitted pages.

N/B: If you own a news site where you need to get your post listed on Google immediately. Here is the manual process to submit your post URL for fast Google crawling

  • Copy and paste your post URL on the URL inspection bar and hit the Enter button.
  • Once pasted Click on “Request Indexing” and wait while your post gets indexed.
  • After indexing, go to Google and search for your post and you will be able to see your published post listed on Google.

Follow the above-mentioned processes carefully to submit your sitemap to Google and don’t forget to share and give us feedback on your experience via comment box.

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