how to increase sales on poshmark

Hey! Have you been surfing through the net in a search on how to increase sales on poshmark? Worry no more cause here in my blog I will be dishing out all the poshmark selling tips I have got in my past few years of selling on the poshmark platform.

With this Tips am going to show you today I have been able to grow over 52,000 followers and have made over $1.9k in sales.

Poshmark is an excellent way to make some extra money easy, and get rid of clothes you don’t wear anymore. Take seriously; it can produce a full-time income to support you and your family.

Knowing very well as a seller, we all get frustrated from time to time when we had made no sales or when sales are slow.

So sad, we have’ got no result after spending hours sourcing, listing, and sharing…. We end up asking, “what are my doing wrong.” We go comparing ourselves to other successful sellers and feeling depleted.

Truth be told there is no magic or extraordinary act taken by those top sellers other than what am going to show you today in this article on to how to increase sales on poshmark.

Before I proceed on our main aim for the day, I want you to understand this term “PLAN+ACTION=EXPECTED RESULT,” i.e., if after reading these tips and you fold your hands without taking action (work). Am sorry to say am highly disappointed as you gon be missing out from the crew.

Being consistent is one of the essential keys that has helped me increase my sales on poshmark. So, if you want to gain the same result like I or I’d say higher sales than me, I urge you to stay more consistent in doing the simple tips and tricks included in this article. 

This article is intended to be a thorough rundown of methodologies you can attempt to grow your followers and gain my publicity, make your listings pop, make more sales, and make your clients need to return and purchase from you once more.

So, let’s dive in! without hesitation 

10 Fastest Ways to increase sales on poshmark

how to increase sales on poshmark

1. Good Image is your number one priority: Like I always said ‘You only stop to take a glance in the things that attract you,’ i.e., the eye derives pleasure in the things that attract it the most.

So, if you want to increase sales on poshmark, having a Natural photo should be the first thing you should have in mind.

You needn’t bother with a fancy background or mannequin yet you do need to put some time in guaranteeing your items look perfect and crisp.

how to increase sales on poshmark


The goal is to ensure the item you’re selling is lit up and hangs out in the photograph.

To get increasingly natural light, take your photographs by a window or glass entryway. The best time to take pictures is toward the beginning of the day, or late evening when the sun is at a point.

To lessen shadows considerably more, you can hold up a vast bit of white poster board paper inverse of the entryway to give more light back on your item.

 *Get Online Images

Some of the time, the photos you take don’t have the right stuff. You probably won’t have a fancy camera, lighting, or tolerance to sit tight for the precise proper lighting during the day to get the best item described in the photo.

Best recommended you can get pictures for items via searching for them on Amazon, eBay, or on the manufacturer’s website. You can munch them, or save them to your PC.

how to increase sales on poshmark

 By utilizing a photograph with a model, you’re significantly expanding the chances of somebody tapping on that listing. They can perceive how the thing is worn and what it looks like on another person.

Bonus Tips: Don’t add crazy filters on your image. Your buyer may not know what they are getting is after adding a filter which in turn change the real color of the item you intend selling off.

how to increase sales on poshmark


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2. Research before you lists an item. Take current trends into account and see what is selling well by checking the top-selling categories and the number of likes on different items.

Proper research on comparable or similar items should be done when listing an item to know what your competitors are selling.

If your competitors’ sales the same item, E.g., if everyone sells a pair of shoes for $30, yours shouldn’t be above $30 but below or I’d say you go slightly lower so that if anyone sorts an item by price, yours will show up closer to the top sister.

*Spy on your competitors’ prices. Spying on competitors’ prices is another great way to increase sales on poshmark. Here you spy on your competitors’ rates to get a fixed price for your listing

 *Be organized: Being sorted out as a means to increase sales on poshmark is significant if you have loads of requests and new stock coming in. I always encourage sellers to keep excellent records so they can audit past deals at whatever point they have to.

*Optimize Your Listing Titles

Second to the listing picture is the title. This is the subsequent thing individuals see when they see your listing in their feed.

Individuals need to know precisely what they are visiting. Before they realize that it’s new with labels/tags or in mint condition, they need to know the genuine item producer and name.

how to increase sales on poshmark

3. Fix Imperfections and Damages

The item you are selling could be utilized and have a few blemishes. Depending upon what they are, there may be an approach to fix them! 

 In case you’re selling a sweater (or any item that has pilling), you can make use of a sweater shaver or a razor to evacuate any pilling that makes it look excessively worn. 

 For shoes, Magic Erasers are ideal for expelling stains and making them look like new. It disposes of that well used looking tinge and makes whites brilliant once more. 

how to increase sales on poshmark

4. List new items daily and re-share your items frequently

Frequently re-share your items at list new item daily. The More listing you have for sale, the better the chances are to sale. If you want to increase sales on poshmark, you have got to do more re-sharing of items in your closet to stay in the app’s algorithms.

Note Daily sharing of other sellers’ closets could help get the attention of more potential buyers as “It’s a favor for a favor,”( Those who share more, sell more)


On the off chance that there’s a stain on the item, have a goal at using Shout Wipes or Tide to Go on the spot to check whether you can evacuate it before taking pictures and posting.

5. Write Good Descriptions and Titles: Well, then you’ve got some people to visit your list. Now, how do you convince them that the item is for them?

 One of the essential features of your listing is the description after the images. His images take people to his list, but his description sells the item.

 Here are some things you should have in your description:

 *Write the manufacturer, the style/name of the product and the color.

*Measurements (crotch, length, waist, etc.).

*List all imperfections and damages.

After that, you can even advise on how to use/stylize items. This helps a potential customer to imagine buying and using the item you are selling.

 You could say something like: “This looks great with a pair of heels for work or adding ankle boots and a denim jacket and wearing it on the weekend.”

 The more you say about your item, the more comfortable someone will feel about buying it.

 Another thing you can mention in the description is whether or not you want to accept exchanges for your item. 

how to increase sales on poshmark     

6. Be Responsive and Engage with others 

In a situation where somebody posts an inquiry concerning your listing, respond expeditiously.

On the off chance that you hold up excessively long, your potential buyer/customer could lose intrigue. Keep in mind; your newsfeed is your companion! 

 Be dynamic in the Poshmark community. Discover others with similar shoe size and follow them. Share listings that you believe are phenomenal and trusted.

*Etiquette is an underrated but necessary piece to the Poshmark puzzle. Treat a customer well, and they can become an advocate for your closet (or a lifetime customer).

Treat a customer poorly, and you might wind up with a bad review.

how to increase sales on poshmark

7. Add Surprise to Your Shipment

something you can add to your shipment that will carry a grin to your customer? A manually written note? A souvenir? Some fancy packaging

 Make sure to create your items pleasantly, and wash them as needs be. Including tissue paper, bows, fun tape, and stickers can make the unpacking background considerably more energizing and sumptuous.

 Something else you can incorporate into your shipment is a card with a coupon for a rate off their next buy from your closet.

how to increase sales on poshmarkhow to increase sales on poshmark

8. Sell Quality items

Selling of quality products is quite something that gets missing when it comes to increasing sales on poshmark.

Most people think is a platform where they sell their unwanted or kinds of stuff they no longer need. But that isn’t if you probably don’t need it most other people won’t want it either.

If all listed in your closet are all used or worn out items then consider not making a good sale as quality products listing helps to increase sales on poshmark.

Most serious buyers in the platform would instead go for new or slightly used products (Fashionable item)

Make your closet stand out in the mid of other sellers in the platform by stocking in with multiple items, so when a buyer comes in, he/she can get something worth buying from your listing.


9. Follow as many users as possible

You can follow upward of 10,000 users per day before poshmark will stop you, unlike any other social platform such activity is not accepted, It is so on poshmark because you need to get more exposure from fellow users which gives back the favor to you.

But mind you not everyone will follow you back, that’s the game!


*When following people, try to support those with similar interest to what you have listed, i.e., in style, size, and brands, etc.

*If you are looking to save time. You can follow thousands of users in a few hours using the Closet Assistant 

how to increase sales on poshmark 

10. Ship item quickly 

Whenever you have an order, poshmark will give you a week to ship. You are to send, but don’t waste time wanting to exceed the shipping duration.

The expected shipment time is “two days or less.” If you need more time to ship than two days, send a note to the buyer with a good reason for the late shipment. 

If done probably, that can still make your buying experience a good one.

In a situation where you sell lots of items (more than once per day), one thing you can do is go to the post office every MWF in the afternoon. This just about captures the two-day period for orders and helps keep you organized.

Note – Never pay for boxes! Use Priority Mailboxes from your local USPS. They’re free. You can pick some up there, or have them delivered to you when the mail comes.




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