how to create AdSense account

Hello, have you been finding it difficult to create Google AdSense account? Here you are, in the right place to get tips and help on How to Create AdSense account in not less than five minutes.

Follow my step to step guides below and get your AdSense account running while you wait for final approval.

Points to consider before creating AdSense Account

Before you open an AdSense account, here is a short but not exhaustive list of things you may want to keep in mind,i mean some important factors that must be in place for proper and fast approval.Read carefully and don’t forget to make some necessary changes on your site.

  • point one: Make sure you own a properly built site,easy to navigate and not under construction and must have been running for at least a month before creating an account
  • Point two: your site must meet and adhere to all AdSense program policies like the about,privacy, contact us page etc and must meet up all the necessary criteria.
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Note: Stay away from scrap content.You must be 18 and above and your site shouldn’t contain any adult material like the porn site. Reason because Google AdSense don’t approve site which such adult or nude content.

  • Point three: Must have a working Email address  (Recommend a G mail address) and if you don’t have you can create one here and then you are good to go.

How to Create AdSense account – 5 Steps

Ready to  open an AdSense account? i will like to recommend the following supported browsers to you,other browsers may work.But i doubt you may not be able to use all of  it’s features because your browser cookies needs to be “ON” in order to view Google Ads and you may also need to have JavaScript enabled to get started.


Mozilla Firefox



Internet Explorer

1. On your browser search,  copy and paste the link or you can click on the link to get started

2. Click on sign up now displayed on a green button, then after you got an account you can use the sign in option to return to your AdSense and view your performances and your AdSense earning blah blah blah!!!.

how to create adsense account

3. Carefully fill in the option were you got a blank space for your website URL?, and enter your E Mail address.Thick any of the below AdSense customize help and performance notification bar based on your choice. Preferably I’d like you to choose Yes so as to get more Tips out of AdSense.Click save and continue.

How to create AdSense account

4. Sign in to your Email account and select your Territory.Read and accept the AdSense policy (Terms & Conditions).

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5. Click on create account and your AdSense account is now signed in

Found this helpful?.Feel free to  Share on any platform you are running on and don’t forget to use the comment box for your questions on how to create AdSense account

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